Advanced Material Handling


Cutting edge thinking together with cutting edge fabrication

Life Engineering North East uses innovative designing to provide our customers with high quality, reliable effective solutions to their material handling needs at a reasonable cost.

Fabrication Welding


Specialist fabrication and repair coded welding services

Our coded welding team will fabricate both our projects and your projects or carry out repairs to fractured, cracked or otherwise damaged welding.

Bespoke Material Storage


Innovative designs ideas for modern day storage.

We have the skills and resources to create professional hi quality material storage devices. Whether you want to store a large or small item we can provide the correct end product for you.

Our Recent Projects

Our specialist designers are available to help you with your fabrication requirements GET A QUOTE

What we do for you?

  • Bespoke metalwork fabrication
  • Industrial storage solutions
  • Material handling solutions
  • Protective metal solutions
  • Welding fabrication and repairs
  • Advanced paint finishing
  • Residential metal fixings
  • Access ladders and walkway platforms
  • Work assembly station design and fabrication

Why choose life?

We provide an efficient service attending to urgent reponses and providing excellent problem solving with a quick completion time. High quality solutions to all of your fabrication requirements at a reasonable cost.

What we offer

We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and solutions to your requirements. We then identify the best way or ways.


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